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“I don't even know where to start, you guys were so great. You guys picked up my old honda, that had been crashed I couldn't believe it. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks and I wish you guys the best of luck in the future."

- Edgar

Let Cash King Auto Buyers Help Make Your Life Easy

Is your older car screaming for retirement? Perhaps you want a newer car, or you don’t want to put hard earned dollars into repairs. Maybe you need a down payment for a newer car but the dealer won’t give you a reasonable price for your used vehicle. How can you make your life easier and put cash in your pocket? The answer is easy; call Cash King Auto Buyers.
Cash King Auto Buyers, located in Los Angeles, California, specializes in buying used cars, (running or not), and leaving the seller smiling with a handful of cold hard cash! Imagine yourself with a pocket full of extra money to use as a down payment for a newer, nicer vehicle, or extra money to pay off bills or maybe take that much-deserved vacation. What benefits will you receive by using Cash King Auto Buyers to sell your used vehicle?

We Offer A Rappid Service

One call to Cash King Auto Buyers is all it takes to start – and finish- the process of selling your vehicle. Transactions are usually completed within 24 hours. No Hidden Fees When Cash King Auto Buyers gives you a price quote, that is the amount of money you will receive. No hidden ‘pick-up’, ‘paper-work’ or mileage fees. Knowledgeable and Friendly Representatives All of our personnel are well versed in the process of buying used vehicles. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service. We want our clients to be happy with the deal and to tell their friends about Cash King Auto Buyers. After all, there is no better advertising than customers who have had a positive experience! All transactions are done with cash money. No need to worry about bounced checks or a bank that doesn’t want to cash a 3rd party check. No hold on funds. You have the cash in your pocket immediately. Eco Friendly disposal of non-running vehicles Cash King Auto Buyers is an environmentally friendly company that follows all EPA rules and requirements for automotive disposal. Rest assured that your ‘Junker’ will be disposed of in a manner that will not do harm to the environment. Cash King Auto Buyers is the best solution for selling an unwanted vehicle, whether it is a newer model, a Junker or a car that has been wrecked. We will give you a fair price quote, pick up the vehicle from your home, handle all of the Department of Motor Vehicles paperwork and pay you in cash. How much better can it get?